Real estate sector today is a very competitive market with 100s of players fighting for quality talent. The Real Estate sector in India is largely divided into residential and commercial (retail, offices, and hospitality) categories. The overall economic conditions highly affect the performance of the Real Estate sector in India. The industry attracts huge investments and thus becoming a high-risk sector with a high cost of servicing of the debt. The relative stagnancy in the market, over the past decade, has been withdrawing, with the Real Estate prices gradually rising.

The Real estate sector, however, is largely unstructured, and has a long way to go to adopt the right recruitment policies and procedures needed in a growing and professional organization. The sector is in strong need of candidates having experience in land acquisition (which is mostly localized), construction management, project management etc.


With our experience in this sector we have been helping clients meet their FMCG hiring requirements in the minimum possible time. Despite economic slowdown, FMCG industry has been a major source of employment for Indian Youth in the fields like Sales and Marketing, Distribution, Product development etc.

ALQUILER’s clients include well established multinational companies having globally benchmarked talent management practices, as well as domestic players with an interest in developing globally competitive capability and talent management programs. Our wide network of consultants collaborates closely to ensure that we can match our knowledge and expertise to our clients’ business needs.

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Alquiler Consulting Services has unmatched experience in promoting talent and we follow the same principal for our organization.

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